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Featured members: Peter Meers (sax), Daryl Sarnat (recording), Joshua Doerksen (production)

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Hometown: Barrie ON, Canada
Founded: July 27th 2014
Genre: Alternative / Folk
Label: Independant
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Bio & Story

We call ourselves The Noolands. An eclectic group of Canadian friends from Barrie Ontario who sound a little rock and a little roll, with a touch of gypsy soul and a whole lot of groove! Really, it’s called folk, the music of the people. Our people. Our friends and ourselves. But we tend to get pretty loud and electric so everyone can hear us coming. Once just a bunch of generation-why boys in our high-school t-shirts that decided we should “make a record man!” and from the living room to the studio, we traversed. By day, we ride the bus to our nine to five and by night, we’re getting loosey goosey with anyone who’s hip to our sound! In-between all of this, we’re writing, eating and recording together. It never seems to stop, and that works for us!

What we've been up to...

In the past year, we released our second EP Us on a Bus, which had two charting singles hit the airwaves on FM and Satellite radio and received intense local acclaim. We also released two Vevo music videos and gained the attention of industry wizards abroad, which took everything to a whole new level! We played some really amazing shows all over Ontario, including one where we brought two buses filled with our friends from Barrie to Toronto to play a sold out show at the Horseshoe Tavern. After recording at Mix11 Studios, we released a new, high-energy folk-rock single Grenadineacross all major platforms and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming!

What's next...

Currently, we’re planning to release a new music video and a new single this year. Being a self sustaining, creative DIY band, we wear a lot of hats and our plan is always to forge into the future as a team. For us, that’s what it’s all about! Having fun with our friends and creating music that finds new people and connects us all back together!.

...the incredible musical skill of each member combined with the tight-knit friendship of the band creates a synchronicity and unspoken understanding that is clear in their live show and in the music they write.
— Chris Harrington, Screams Media is a time capsule back to the days when musicians like The Allman Brothers and The Doors were at their peak. Their music features catchy guitar riffs, subtle organ undertones and infectious drum beats alongside pensive lyrics..
— Nicole Wolfe, Canadian Beats