Emerging from Barrie, ON Canada, this energetic and charming foursome proves that being an independent artist is all about bringing people together. Their collection of music combines many genres of rock, from alternative to progressive, blues to funk. With The Noolands, what you see is what you get, great music inspired by real life…


Your good pals.

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The band’s bio describes them as a rock and roll group that writes and records music for their best friends, and that’s exactly the vibe you feel when listening to their music. The Noolands (Aaron Casey, Brandon Davenport and the twins James and Jon Laxton) initially started as a co-writing music project with other fellow musicians. However it soon became obvious that these four members had something special, and so they began to work together as a four piece. With the creative juices flowing, and some instant chemistry happening, they decided to quickly record their first single High School T-Shirt in the fall of 2014. They recorded it at Unity Market Café & Studios, a local community hub for the arts, music and social activism, which hosts a wide variety of events and sports an incredible recording facility in the back. The single highlighted a slamming saxophone part written and record by Meghan Poole and sharp witty lyrics that gave the listener just a touch of teenage nostalgia.

After the release of their first single and getting their first couple dozen shows out of the way, they decided to go back to Unity Market Café & Studios to work on their debut EP Generation Why with their long time friend and music producer Joshua Doerksen (AKA Papa Nooland) who had previously produced High School T-Shirt. This collection of five songs was an important process in starting to define their sound as each band members eclectic influences began to come together. The Noolands finished up the EP at the end of 2015, and after their release even got some radio play on local radio station Rock 95. Their focus now was on playing more shows than ever before and making friends with other bands and industry, and that’s exactly what they did.

In 2016 The Noolands went back into the studio to record their second single Record Man with music producer Jeff Wardell of Your Productions. Once again the smooth sound of Meghan’s saxophone was the highlight of the track. For this single release, the band decided it was time to also produce their first music video. The Record Man music video helped showcase just how much fun these guys are to watch perform, and helped propel the band toward a number of concerts and festivals the following summer. It was something for their fans online that showcased what to expect when seeing the band perform live.

After coming up and building a team as an independent band, The Noolands entered the studio with a fresh new energy. For these new recordings, the band wanted to change their sound by finding a producer that understood the direction they wanted to go in. This time the man for the job was Shane Heath, owner of One Star Studios and local tour stop music venue The Foxx Lounge. Whether it was Shane’s rock and roll attitude or his blunt ability to push the band to work harder, The Noolands said they felt right at home with Shane and that is clearly evident in the quality of the recordings.

Us on a Bus was released on April 27th to much acclaim and opened the doors for the band in new places outside of Ontario and Canada. Over the year of 2018, the band played shows all over central Ontario, released two new music videos for Loosey Goosey & Nine to Five through Vevo and gained substantial international radio airplay.

The Noolands are building momentum and are definitely a band for rock & roll fans to keep an eye on. They’re currently back in Mix11 Studios working on some new music with an eventual full length album in their sights.


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