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The Noolands are a rock & roll band that writes and records music for their best friends. Emerging from Barrie, ON Canada, this energetic and charming foursome proves that being an independent artist is all about bringing people together. Their collection of music combines many genres of rock, from alternative to progressive, blues to funk. With The Noolands, what you see is what you get, great music inspired by real life.

Brandon Davenport.jpg

Brandon Davenport

Drums / Vocals / Piano
Usually you find him on stage behind his blue Ludwigs but off stage is where Brandon finds his inspiration to play. If he's not at the studio jamming with The Noolands he's working on cockamamie projects with his friends or at home watching tapes.

Special Abilities
Isn't scared of the internet or the web.

Aaron Casey.jpg

Aaron Casey

Vocals / Drums / Guitar / Piano
A song and dance man known by many, Aaron "Space Case" Casey is one cool cat. Often seen tumbling around the stage playing all sorts of instruments and dancing with no shoes on where it is clearly not safe at all.

Special Abilities
When threatened, can fart on command.

James Laxton.jpg

James Laxton

Guitar / Piano / Drums
One of the twin pillars to our wall of sound, Jimmithy brings a dizzying musical background to The Noolands. Speaking in riffs, this guy can tell tales the likes of which you've never seen. Also on occasion he will dance if you play 90's madonna remixes.

Special Abilities
Can nap (not faking it) anytime, on any surface, indoors or outdoors.


Jon Laxton

Bass / Bass / Bass
Jon is our secret weapon. He is the keeper of the secret sauce groove that makes The Noolands tracks as irresistible as they are. He plays bass in his sleep. Sometimes we wonder, is Jon playing the bass, or is the bass playing Jon?

Special Abilities
Can telepathically communicate with himself.


Meghan Poole

Saxophone / Honk Honk
When you think of rock & roll bands you often think of a sax solo somewhere. Meghan has brought a whole new edge to the band with her technical abilities and irresistible grooves.

Special Abilities
Can get Jon to shut up when nobody can.


Papa Nooland

His real name is Joshua Doerksen and he is by any sense our adult supervision. Helping us shape our future and produce our first recordings. He is always there with us to make sure we don't feel sad and aren't thirsty or tired.

Special Abilities
Can get Aaron to sit down for more than 6 minutes.


Captain Nooland

Shane Heath is a rock & roll legend in our hometown, and just happens to own one of the most righteous studios this side of the galaxy has ever seen. He also holds down the fort at The Foxx

Special Abilities
None of your business.



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